Projects_View screenshot  
  • Keep track of main milestones in your projects using versions.
  • 2 Versions can be compared to easily identify changes between versions.
  • Versions can be locked by the Project Manager to prevent further modifications.
  • Data is centralized; stop looking for the Excel file that was sent to your client 4 years ago, just launch Cost-it!
Costs View Screenshot  
  • Costs are organized by Department.
  • A Department Manager can add, delete or modify costs.
  • Cost Review process is made easier as data is accessible by all stakeholders.
Cost Edit screenshot  
  • Costs are defined using 3 key information: Type, Category and Work Breakdown Structure.
  • Categories are project wide and apply for all Departments. They are meant to represent the main P&L categories (Labor, Materials, Other Direct Costs, etc.)
  • Types are defined per Department and allow to track specific activities (i.e. Current Maintenance vs Overhauls for Maintenance Department).
  • Work Breakdown Structure are also Department wide and allow to track costs using a technical or organizational scope split.
Currencies screenshot  
  • Cost-it manages multi-currency projects.
Cost Indexation screenshot  
  • Cost-it allows you to define Indexation per Cost Category.
Cost Metrics screenshot  
  • Define your own Metrics to be able to compute Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
  • Metrics are Project wide and can be added, modified or deleted by Department Managers.
Cost Reports screenshot  
  • Cost-it provides several built-in Reports to easily analize costing data.
  • All costing data can be exported to Excel format.
  • Reports can show NPV.
Users Management screenshot  
  • Cost-it's licensing model defines 3 roles : Project Manager, Department Manager and ReadOnly.
  • Each role has the ability to access a set of functionalities but access need to be authorized by a Project Manager in order to be effective.
  • All Access Rights can be fine tuned by a Project Manager to easily control who accesses which data.